Who Would Have Won the Against All Odds Race?

Al Navarro Week will never die, it'll just fade away. Though, not today. And today is indeed good. Al digs up one of our most favoritest yet leastest well known hoon scenes of all time then asks the following:

Cars, drivers, and personal grudges considered, if it weren't for the garbage truck,who would have won the Against All Odds race?

James Woods in 308 vs Jeff Bridges in 911 (note that Jalopnik does not condone street racing or exceeding of posted limits, and reminds you that this is a movie, kids)


Al's right, never drive into on coming traffic. Though in someways, the above clip does resemble Al in his Se7en chasing me in my Hoondai on the Tail of the Dragon. Just sayin'. Also, we've seen James Woods (and his insanely hot lady friend) playing Hold 'Em at the Hustler a few times. We sure as hell ain't betting against him.

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