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I do, you do, we all do. All we need is $32,000 each and a couple hundred bucks a race, and we can all join the new Spec Racer Atom series. C'mon, let's do it.

Notwithstanding the money, there's one catch. All the events in the SRA series will be at VIR. No hardship there for drivers, but you will have to get to Virginia for the five race weekends Ariel builder TMI AutoTech has planned for 2011. Otherwise, it's an owner/racer proposition. You buy your specially-prepped SRA Atom, you pay your fees and you race. End of story, unless you crash it. But c'mon!


Here's how the new budget racing-series will work: Plans involve two races per weekend, with a $210 entry fee for each event. Each race is a 25-minute sprint format, with four 25 minute practice sessions each day. They'll use four configurations of VIR for variety's sake. Points awarded will apply toward a year-end championship, The Atom Cup.

Like many club races, SRA will follow the cost-controlling 13/13 rule, meaning 13 months' probation if you cause damage to your car or another racer's car, and 13 months suspension if it happens again under probation. Rubbin' is indeed not racin' here, bubbas.

There's also a benefit to being first. Founding Members pricing for their race-ready SRA cars will not exceed $32,000. The purchase also includes first-year VIR Club initiation fee of $2,500 and six months' free storage at TMI's place in Virginia. Get your $5,000 deposits in now, or spend the winter doing a bottom-end rebuild on your spec Miata.

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