Who Rolled A Reliant Robin In L.A. And Why?

Jeremy Clarkson is already a well known Reliant Robin roller, having dumped one sideways on several South Yorkshire roundabouts. But who is proving the three-wheeled mini car's propensity for instability in Los Angeles?

Could it be Top Gear USA? Whoever it is certainly one-upped Clarkson in terms of the stunt's violence. The little red car was flipped so hard it bounced off of a pole. Miraculously, the thing landed on its wheels, and the director of the crew filming the feat seemed happy.


Top Gear's original Brits have had all manner of fun with the Robin, but perhaps their American brethren — or someone on this side of the pond — are ready to bring Uncle Sam's children in on the joke.

The guys who shot the video seemed impressed, although they were English. Anyone have the story on this?

(Hat tip to Neil!)

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I'd wager that it's TGUK filming season 19. The guy behind the camera kind of has an english accent.