Who Needs Hands To Drift?

GIF via Drift.ro

Drifter Bartosz Ostalowski didn’t give up on motorsport after losing both arms in an accident. Now he changes gears with his upper arm using a custom shifter extension and steers with one foot. Here’s a look into how Ostalowski truly made his drift car his own to get fantastically sideways.

We’ve featured Bartosz Ostalowski on the site before, but footage of him drifting never ceases to amaze. He lost both hands in an accident in 2006, but keeps racing in rallycross and drift events because, well, why not? If you love something, you figure out how to do it.


The quick and precise hand movements that most drifters do to keep their cars on that ragged edge of control is simply amazing. Seeing that done with one foot is still as mind-blowing as ever.


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