Who Needs Forbes? The Top Ten Best Cars For A Teenager

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With the exit of Charles Dubow from Forbes and his new focus on deks and heds at Business Week, there's just been a lack of really good list-age out there. Dubow, as we remember, was in charge of wealth-porn — the top ten lists of stuff we'll never be able to afford. Well, who needs 'em anyway? We can make our own — or at least our intrepid readers can — we're actually too busy getting over our hangovers from the night prior to come up with anything even remotely smacking of "creative," "talented" or "work." And why should we worry when we've got readers like Zach over at the Florida Car Club — he's put together a list of the "Top 10 Most Wanted Cars from a Teenagers View." We bet Dubow's proud someone else is carrying his torch — cause a top ten list for teenie-boppers that includes a BMW M3 — cause an MSRP of $48K is totally not within the price ranges of most of the just-post-pubescent set. But, like Dubow's lists — a kid can dream can't he?


Top 10 Most Wanted Cars from a Teenagers View [Florida Car Club]

Forbes, It's Not A "Sexy Cars" List Without A Camino! [internal]

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