Who Needs A Motorcycle To Do A Stoppie?

Conventional wisdom would have it that one needs a bike to do a stoppie, but the hero in this video said something like "screw conventional wisdom! I'm gonna do it in my van!" and now we have this. Don't try this at home, kids.

However, if you were to try this at home, which I'm not at all suggesting you should, all you would theoretically need is a Van with all of its weight on the front axle and a complete disregard for self preservation.


You've got both of those? Great! Now I can tell you how you could theoretically do a stoppie, even though you totally shouldn't because I told you not to. Just accelerate hard for a couple of yards then repeatedly jab on and off the brakes and voila! You're now theoretically teetering on your front wheels in your van!

Two wheels bad, four wheels good amiright? Please for the love of humanity don't try this at home.

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