Who Is The Worst Driver You've Ever Met?

My list of candidates for today's QOTD is long and distinguished. But really, if I stop and honsetly think about it, there can only be one. Her name is Jen and I went to college with her and she drove a blue Chevy Sprint, the turbo if memory serves. And I only drove with her once. My roommate and I woke up on the floor after some party. I think maybe he was seeing her, but who knows? Anyhow, neither of us had a car and Jen was going to take us home. At the time, I lived amongst farms, so the roads were long, straight and empty. I don't think Jen even got the car above 30 mph. I do distinctly remember sitting in the back seat, because Jen kept turning around to talk to me. I also recall that she seemed to be arhythmically bouncing back and forth between the gas and brake. Oncoming cars seemed to be magnetic and randomly polarized. Sometimes she would swerve towards them, yet with others she would swing out into the dirt as they passed. The 1 mile ride was traumatizing. Put it this way, even with a pounding hangover and the prospect of a lonely, cold walk home, I made her pull over and let me out. Jen was that bad. In fact, she was the worst. You?


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