Who Is The Patron Saint of Hoonage?

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Commenter sixt9coug poses a question we've all considered, but has never been asked in QOTD form: who comes to mind when you think of madcap adventures and superhuman vehicle control? Who is the patron saint of hoonage?


Way back in the late '70s (ok, it was 2007), we tagged the late, great Evel Knievel with that title. Were we wrong?


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Jonathan Harper

Easily Travis Pastrana.

Not only is he certifiably insane when it comes to stunts on motorized vehicles, but he's also a genuinely cool dude.

Watch Nitro Circus and tell me I'm wrong.

Pastrana holds both world records in the longest ramp-t0-ramp car jump (269 ft) and the fastest ascent of Mt. Washington in a car (6:20)

Definition of Hoon if you ask me.