Who is the coolest celebrity car owner?

Lots of celebs have equally famous car collections, others merely paint their Bentleys pink and still others only seem to car about cars when the paparazzi's trailing. But some are car freaks of the Jalop variety. Who's the coolest celebrity car owner?

Yes, I'm just now listening to the Rolling Stones' "Star Star" (i.e., "Starfucker") on the amazing album Goat's Head Soup, but that's just a coincidence. We're picking the Stones' fellow Brit pop idol Jay Kay, who's a true car nut with many Jalop proclivities, including Lamborghini Miuras, rally cars and certain choice American muscle cars. Plus, his first car was a BMW 1602, so he was into cars before fame came knocking. Points for that. (Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment)


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