Photos of F1 Boss Bernie Ecclestone's surprisingly hot daughter posing semi-nude for PETA got us thinking about other people in the sport we'd like to see pose semi-nude. We've already seen Danica Patrick in a swimsuit and an almost weirdly buff Carl Edwards, so why not expand the field to include the entire automotive world? We have a feeling all of those hours spent buzzing around the skies of Michigan have given Maximum Bob Lutz some Maximum abs. What about sexy Dennis Gage? Is his mustache the only thing on him that mysteriously bends? It's almost the weekend, so let's have some fun. Though there are probably already photos out there of him in various European tabloids, we bet that beneath that racing suit there's a whole lot of Lewis Hamilton that the world would like to see. And Danica may be more popular on the US stage, but what about Sabine Schmidt? So many people, so few clothes. [Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images]