Who Do We Have To Have Sex With To Score An Invite For Senna At Sundance?

Director Asif Kapadia's documentary on "perhaps the greatest race car driver who ever lived" is scheduled to play at the Sundance Film Festival tomorrow. Who do we need to have sex with to get a ticket? Seriously, whom?

Of course we remember where we were when the great Ayrton Senna died. Don't you? We remember the battles with Prost at McLaren-Honda, when the two nearly swept the entire 1988 season. The aggression, the contact with other cars, the grandstanding, the insolence, the brilliance. Sex in exchange for a ticket to see the Senna biographySenna — at the Sundance Film Festival is the very least we could offer. Naturally, we're open to other kinds of personal barter, like running errands and babysitting, but c'mon, we're talking about Ayrton Senna here not Johnny Herbert. The demand to see this momentous film will be great, and we indeed must step up to the plate. Or spoon, as it were.


Sundance is a celebrity-soaked affair, and one of the toughest festival tickets on earth to score. This is why we are evoking the nuclear option. In terms of sexual acts, we'll probably have to draw a line somewhere, considering what kinky bastards some people are. But we can go ahead and deal with that once we get down to proper negotiations. For right now, we're putting out the feelers (ha). Anyway, keep it in mind. And hurry. We just have one day left. [Thanks to Paul for the tip.]


DIRECTOR: Asif Kapadia


United Kingdom, 2010, 104 min., color
The story of Ayrton Senna, perhaps the greatest race car driver who ever lived, is an epic tale that literally twists at every turn. In the mid 1980s, Senna, a young, gifted driver, exploded onto the world of Formula One racing. As a Brazilian in a predominantly European sport, a purist in a world polluted with backroom deals, and a man of faith in an arena filled with cynicism, Senna had to fight hard-both on and off the track. Facing titanic struggles, he conquered Formula One and became a global icon who was idolized in his home country.

Told solely through the use of archival footage, Asif Kapadia's documentary is a thrill ride worthy of its daring subject. Adrenaline will be pumping as cameras from inside Senna's car put you smack-dab in the driver's seat. Buckle your seat belt; Senna will take you on a trip you do not want to miss.-D.C.
ExP: Manish Pandey, Kevin Macdonald Pr: James Gay-Rees, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner Mu: Antonio Pinto

Friday, January 28, noon - SENNA28YD

Yarrow Hotel Theatre, Park City

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