Who Destroyed These Two Brand New BMW M3s?

The thing about auto writers is this: we can't all be Chris Harris. (I certainly know I'm not.) Sometimes the powerful cars we test can get away from us. Case in point: two brand-spankin' new BMW M3s apparently destroyed during the recent press drive at Road America.


We've heard rumors in recent days that at least one BMW was crashed at a recent media drive, and tonight these photos surfaced on the Twitter account of Max Whiting. Matt heard it might be someone from the Great White North. Here are the cars:

So here's the question of the day (Well, not THE question of the day, we already did that): Who wrecked 'em?


Our policy at Jalopnik, generally, is that if you wreck it you gotta write about it. Besides Travis' traffic accident in a Volvo C30 Polestar, I don't think that's happened during the two years I've worked here. And we hope to keep it that way!

Any clues who might have trashed these new M3s? Drop 'em in the comments.

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