Whither the Starion?

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Okay, we're declaring Maximum StarQuest Day on Jalopnik. We'd pretty much forgotten about the old Mitsubishi Starion and its Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Conquest twin until The Rock Candy Man of La Montrose, Bumbeck, picked up a clean example a year ago. Since then, we've developed a fondness for the ol' Battlecar Galactica, and while we were tailgating at the D1GP last weekend, a number of young kids came by and said, "Wow, nice car!" And they knew exactly what it was. So in what was an initial atttempt to dispel DannyBoy's notion that Starions are only piloted by hoons and NorCal weirdos, we started reading around and got sidetracked by this bit on Snopes about whether "Starion" is actually a Japanese corruption of "Stallion," or, as the company claims, a portmanteau of "Star of Orion."


A Starion is Born [Snopes]

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