Which Winter Tires Should I Buy For My Saab?

Jalops! Help me out. I need a set of winter tires, and it's been a while. The last time I bought a set, I lived in the Great White North: snow-packed streets and unplowed driveways. now I'm in a cold, ruthless, urban paradise.

I drive an old Saab 900S: front-wheel drive, ABS. I drive around the NYC a little, but mostly I'm on the highway. I spend weekends exploring small towns. I need something that can handle snow, but I'm more interested in a supple cold-weather compound, great ice skills, and wet-pavement prowess. Something that doesn't tank my gas mileage would be preferred.


Suggestions? Appreciate the advice.

(Joe Brown, of course, is the current editor of a small site known as Gizmodo as well as a former automotive journalist — Ed.)

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