Which Used Performance Car Would You Never Buy?

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Yesterday's QOTD revealed that many of you have a taste for used performance cars. (Big surprise, right?) Buying a used sports car can be rewarding, but it can also be a disaster. Which used performance car would you never buy?

I once saw an unmodified fourth-generation Toyota Supra. It was 1993, and I'm guessing the car was brand new because, in the seventeen years since, I've yet to see another stock Supra that wasn't on a showroom or auto-show floor. As much as I yearned for the twin-turbo super-yota as a teenager, few have lived easy lives. Finding a one-owner car is like finding an un-opinionated New Yorker — you're lucky if you can find a three-owner car, and even if you do, the second owner was probably a Nick Bollea wannabe. Should you find an unmolested version that doesn't smell like rotten clutch and herpes, it's probably a trap.


Which performance car is a short-shifter-kitted bridge too far?

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