Can you tell which of these two horses is the new emblem for the upcoming 2010 Ford Mustang? Besides the color, there are actually some subtle differences between the two. Considering the trend of retro styling, will the new emblem actually look older than the current one? Choose your horse, place your bets, and make the jump to find out.


And it's the dark horse by a nose! Yep, this here is the new 2010 model pony. Douglas Gaffka, chief designer for the 2010 Mustang, says of his steed:

"We lifted the head to make the pony more proud, tipped the neck into the wind to give it a feeling of greater speed and better balance... It's more chiseled and more defined and looks more like a wild horse... It's more realistic in terms of proportion to an actual Mustang."

How this will translate to the look of the actual car remains to be seen. [via Ford]

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