Sometimes concept cars look amazingly preposterous, especially once you see the final production car. But some of them are actually pretty damn nice, and I happen to think this 1999 Dodge Charger concept is one of the nice ones.

I bring up the ‘99 Charger concept because we keep getting the same rumor, supposedly sourced from someone who attended a meeting for national Dodge dealerships last year, claiming that the next generation Charger will show up in 2020 based on the car you see above from nineteen ninety-freakin’-nine.


While I don’t believe that particular element of the reports about a new Charger (I also can’t believe the current Charger will have been around for almost 15 years when it gets replaced), I do believe that there’s a lot more to the ‘99 concept than the Charger we ended up getting.

So tell us, is there a concept car you wouldn’t mind buying if it went on sale brand new, as is today? Let’s assume all the bullshit gizmos work and it has a real drivetrain. I’m expecting to see some Saabs and maybe some recent Subaru concepts.


Show us!