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With the holidays here and car shows fast approaching, It's the season of anticipation both for gift getters and car enthusiasts. Since we'll find faults with them some day, which new car model are you looking forward to?


I want the Toyota FT-86/Scion FR-S/Whatever to succeed. I want Toyota to succeed in building something great. Something we love. How can you be a car enthusiast and want one of the largest automakers to suck all the time? I grew up loving the AE86, the Supra, and all manner of fun, affordable RWD Japanese cars. They can do it again. They should do it again. And if they will do it again, I'll be there to cheer them on. To paraphrase Bill Clinton: there's nothing wrong with Toyota (boring cars) that can't be fixed with what's right about Toyota (money/engineering).

Announcement time: I'm also looking forward to Mike Spinelli taking over Question of the Day and giving me a break. It's been a fun ride doing this since Loverman peaced out many years ago. In the nearly three years since I've done almost 1,000 of these. Some were inspired, some were just crap rehashes of the same question asked a year prior. But it's time for a change and, frankly, I'm exhausted. Besides, this isn't about me. Question of the Day never was. It's about you. And that's not changing. I'll continue to look forward to learning a lot from your answers (you've given roughly 200,000 of them in my time here). I will still be doing AOTD, so I'm going to continue reading them and judging you. Cheers.

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