Which Hubcaps Were The Best Hubcaps?

Hubcaps used to be better. They used to be chromed metal disks, not flimsy zip-tied pieces of plastic. Now, nearly all cars come with some kind of alloy option and there aren’t as many out there.


Every once in a while you’ll see a cop car with a small shiny round thing at the middle of each steelie, but hubcaps as we knew them are an endangered species.

But there were some great ones. The “red hexat the middle of the Packard hubcap above is instantly recognizable by many older car people, and I’m sure other designs have a similar impact on others. What what about you? What’s your favorite hubcap? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to include pictures!

Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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Corinthian Leatherface

I’m going to step outside popular opinion and vote for “less is more”. Poverty caps, a.k.a. dog dish caps, are my favorite on older cars as you could color-match the steelies to the body. And those red line tires make for a tasty addition to the package.

Edit: black works pretty well too.