Which Engine Would You Swap Into Which Car?

At the risk of starting the blasphemy debate anew, let's explore a parallel universe. You like Car A, but wish it had the engine from Car B. Make it so! Which engine would you swap into which other car?


Engineers know best, don't they? Well mostly, but sometimes product planners don't have our best interests at heart. They want to sell their vehicles to civilians too, not just slobbering car fiends. But in our parallel universe we answer to no counter of beans, thank you very much. Let's hear from our own product planners. Mix and match, just like your mom used to do with your Garanimals outfits.

And don't forget, loyalties be damned! Think an AMG V8 would serve a Ferrari better? Go for it. You are just that crazy.

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[Photo via a classic engine-swap thread onDSM Talk]

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