Which Cars Would Be Awesome With Harlequin Paint?

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Photo: Volkswagen Netherlands

Volkswagen’s top color designer has a hopeful prediction for those who love colorful cars: Our future may have more color to break up the endless sea of gray. That got the Jalopnik crew thinking about car colors. Naturally, we went to the extreme and started thinking about the bold VW Harlequin paint scheme. Which cars do you think would look smashing with a Harlequin paintjob?


We really don’t like the world of cars to look so boring and monochrome. Sure, infinite shades of gray and muted reds and blues go with anything, but they lack emotion. I think people should express themselves with their cars more often. Is your favorite color hot pink? Well, you should be able to buy a car in hot pink!

But until that day arrives, those of us who need our cars to be in bold, vibrant colors can dream of the silly colors we want our cars to be. Erin Marquis and I would love to spice up our VW Jetta Sportwagens in a Harlequin treatment. I’m looking at how to do it right now, using wraps or Plasti-Dip.

But why stop there? VWs shouldn’t have all of the colorful fun. Lots of other cars would look awesome in the paint scheme. Which cars do you think would best wear a Harlequin color scheme?

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*ALL* cars look awesome with harlequin paint. It’s just that not all drivers have the style, panache, and complete and utter lack of fucks to pull it off.

Someone’s gonna say, “But a Tesla wouldn’t look right!” or “A Ferrari would look weird” or “But it wouldn’t work on a Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet”. And they might be right on the CrossCabriolet, but only because that car is an abomination. I still think it would be LESS of an abomination in harlequin paint.