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Which Car Should Replace the DeLorean in a "Back to the Future" Remake?

Illustration for article titled Which Car Should Replace the DeLorean in a Back to the Future Remake?

While not true (yet), rumors of a "Back to The Future" remake persist. Whisperers have pegged Justin Bieber as the new McFly (debunked) and Zach Galifianakis as Dr. Brown (ok, not really). But which car should replace the DeLorean?


In the original, Dr. Brown picked the DeLorean as the basis for his time machine because it had style. Wikipedia remembers he also started to say something about the stainless steel construction being ideal for the "flux disperseral," but he never clarifies. The DeLorean was chosen for the movie because it resembled the kind of alien spacecraft a farmboy might see on the cover of a comic book in 1955. In an original draft of the script, the time machine was supposed to be a refrigerator, but as director Robert Zemeckis once recounted, producer Steven Spielberg was afraid kids would start climbing into refrigerators and getting trapped.

But what about now? If you were casting a BTTF remake, which car would make the cut? (Hat tip to Zerin)


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Der Sportwagoner

It would have to be a marquee that is just as evocative and interesting as the DeLorean was in 1985. I propose the Viper. "You built a time machine...out of a Viper?!"

Also, Mr. Galiafinakiases' (sp?) name is Zach, just sayin'.