Which Car(s) Should We Feature At Our New York Auto Show Party?

We're throwing a party with our friends from Blipshift to coincide with the New York Auto Show (April 17th, Save The Date) and they've got an awesome space that'll hold a couple of cars. With so much high quality metal in town, what do you want to see?

Of course, we have no idea if any automakers will actually give us a car to feature, but the worst thing they could say is "no" and, frankly, we're used to automakers saying no to us. Tell us what you'd like to see in the comments below and we'll pick the most favorite-d ones and go begging the carmakers for them.


The more important point in all of this is that OMG WE'RE HAVING ANOTHER PARTY. Last year's shindig was such a great party we wanted to do an even better one in 2014. Stay tuned for details, but for now just mark your Google Calendar.

Photo: Mallory McMorrow

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