Which Car Owned By Your Significant Other Did You Hate The Most?

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We can choose our lovers, but we can’t choose their cars.

Which car owned by your significant other, current or past, could you absolutely not stand? Was it boring and terrible to drive? Was it loud and unreliable? Was it distastefully modded and representative of a desperate desire for fitting in and being respected?

We have a few examples on staff. Editor Patrick George had zero love for his then-girlfriend, now-wife’s CVT-equipped Nissan Sentra, though it’s stayed in the extended family and proven to be pretty reliable. Mitsubishi stan Stef Schrader says one guy was a hardcore Subaru nut, “and that was some Montagues and Capulets kinda shit.” And Tom McParland says his wife’s old Ford Windstar was a piece of garbage, like all Ford Windstars.

David Tracy says he’s only ever dated Mazda Protege owners, oddly enough. He’s got nothing against them, even if they aren’t old Jeeps.


Anyway, tell us about the SO cars you had to suffer through. Bonus points if you include a photo.

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