Which Car Is The Biggest Death Trap?

Most of us feel the most alive when we're driving, which is why we occasionally pause before getting into cars that look somewhat less-than-safe. Of course, we're no strangers to waving off life-flight helicopters, so our perception of safety may be different from that of than others. Any car can be unsafe if not properly maintained or intelligently driven, but some cars just seem deadlier than others. Among cars remembered as death traps are the Ford Pinto, Chevy Corvair and the Bridgestone tire-equipped Ford Exploder.


But there are some cars that are perhaps worse, though less known. You wouldn't want to get rear-ended in a certain generation of Ford Police Interceptor, and you wouldn't want to be the passenger in a beaten-up Hertz Mustang in the hands of the inexperienced. What car do you consider to be the quickest path to cashing in your life insurance?

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