Which Car Is Growing On You?

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We all remember the Pontiac Aztek, our generation's Edsel. A car so bad, Pontiac even managed to spell the name wrong. Design-wise, the worst element (besides the gas-cap wound) was all that damn cladding. But then, after Pontiac only sold four cars in 18 months (or whatever), GM did the unthinkable – they restyled the duckling. And... they didn't do such a bad job. Granted, the Aztek was as doomed as the Titanic from the initial marketing focus group. But, at least it died in my mind with a modicum of dignity. When I first saw the new Lexus flagship I liked the headlights and the back seat, but thought the car itself pretty blobby and dull. But, sitting on the floor of an auto show is one thing. Seeing these hulking leviathans on the road is another. The top dog Lexi (Lexuses?) posses mad amounts of uberholprestige. That's German for, "Get out of my way or I'm driving up your tailpipe." I gotta admit, these have grown on me. You?

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If anybody forms an opinion on the new Jaguar XK based on Interweb/magazine photos, without looking at it in real life, then they are WRONG. Go look at one in a showroom. Preferably from the rear 3/4ths. Then tell me it still looks like a Taurus.

For me, the same thing happened for the Z4 about 6 months after it was introduced. The moral of the story is, go look at a car in real life, in all 3 dimensions, before you can call something ugly. (The only exception, of course, is the Weber Grille/"supercar".)