How Far Will You Go For The Car Of Your Dreams?

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We're just going to let one of our dear, sweet, kosher-phallus obsessed readers take care of this one.

Subject: Call Pfizer Because Loverman has an Erection that lasts over 8 Hours

I haven't seen this posted up on your piece of The Internets, either because A) Jonny Lieberman is dead and has not seen the article, or B) Liebreman has seen the article and is so happy that he can't come close enough to his computer to type (you guys know what I mean).

Basically, its a 535 horsepower version of the already bonkers RS4 via an intercooled supercharger. Its sure to be a ludicrous price ($80,000+, including donor car, is my guess). But, at that price, its going up against other Aluminum-und-Steel bodied Bahn Burners like the M5, E63 and S6. The RS4 is better than all of those by everybody's opinion, in stock form. I can't imagine 115 ponies is going to negatively impact that.

I really hope that my teachers believe me when I tell them that I bombed that exam because I was so excited about this car (and I'm an ADD-Retard, but thats unrelated). How many years will I have to work minimum wage and live at my parents after I fail out of college, in order to buy one of these second hand?


For the record, Robert P, I had seen it. But the Postfather has been yelling at me for using more than seven exclamation points per day, so I figured I had better back off. But you do beg a good question you little pervert. How much are we willing to sacrifice to drive what we love?

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My mom once found me looking at a Ferrari Daytona for sale for the measly price of $275,000. "That's how much our house cost," she observed, nostalgia rattling through her head. I responded, "and guess which I'd rather have?"

The scenario was quickly conceived through my head. I would get a mini-TV for reruns of Prison Break and $60 in singles for the McDonald's Dollar Menu. I would camp in front of the local YMCA parking lot and use their bathroom and shower facilities, scaring the parents into thinking I was some sort of alcoholic pedophile trying to regain my glory days with a nightly feast of young children. If I ever got busted, I would fire up that magnificent V12 and blaze into the sunset. Screw college, this plan was bulletproof.

My friends would probably be too embarrassed to have my slobby ass around, but it'd be worth it to park that car in their driveway and improve their home's resale value instantly. Like StuPidaso, I'd be willing to sacrifice my dignity, but it doesn't matter when you're the king in your very own kingdom.