The brutal heat is claiming lives, starting wildfires, and ruining shirts across the globe. It felt like 108 degrees outside in Texas yesterday. Think cold thoughts. Which car has the best air conditioning?

This subject is near and dear to the hearts of your Jalopnik staff. Two of the cars I've owned in Texas lacked air conditioning and our own Ray Wert had to suffer the miserable experience of trying to get a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport to even work — a task more difficult than extracting geniune remorse from Lindsay Lohan.

The A/C in the Jeep Cherokee's may be one of the worst in modern history, but the ice cube-expelling unit in the 997 Porsche 911 is surprisingly fantastic. While the powerful stock unit and small cabin area contribute to the coolness of the Porsche's interior, it's the perforated and ventilated seats that make the difference. Cooled seat ventilation is nothing new, but when combined with the sports seats there's something a little sinful about the orientation of the vents. Porsche calls it a "slipstream effect" but we just call it "blowing cold air up your ass." Whatever the name, it works. It works so well.

Do you know a car that's literally cooler than a 911? Pipe up before we melt.

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