A wonderful reader of ours (but aren't you all?) named James wrote in with today's query:

"I was ready to answer [yesterday's] PCH question by stating how clearly the '77 Corolla obviates today's model and how much fun it would be to
demonstrate that to an owner of the latter."

"I was about to say that no model has evolved so disgracefully when I considered the New Beetle. Granted the Beetle / New Beetle is more a case of the evolution of marketing than of a car, but you can see what I'm driving at. What about today's top-end F-150 vs. the '48 F-1? Does the addition of 149 make it a better truck?"

Tell it to the mountain! And this isn't to say that all cars get worse over time. Just look at the Corvette. Or Nissan's Altima. And let's not forget the awesome new Wrangler. But, as James points out, the new MINI Beetle is pretty much a slap in the face of the old one. So, in your estimation, which car has the persistence of time been the cruelest to? And hells yes that's an Anthrax reference.