Which Car Company Will Make The Last V8?

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Over the weekend we learned that Dodge recognized that the V8 engine isn’t long for this world. When a company currently known best for its crazy V8 engine is that brutally honest, it makes you think. Which auto manufacturer will be the last to make a V8?

It’s a question I’ve been thinking about for a few years. Some automakers known for their V8s, like Ford, have been replacing V8s with turbocharged six-cylinder engines. Even the Ford GT ditched V8 propulsion.

Part of the reason for it goes back to what Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis said about the Hellcat’s numbered days:

They’re absolutely numbered because of all the compliance costs. But the performance that those vehicles generate is not numbered.


It’s expensive to make a V8 that’ll satisfy stringent emissions goals. But you can make smaller engines output the same power as a V8 while getting better fuel economy and better emissions. It’s even better if you go all-electric. I’m a fan of the V8 engine, but I understand why companies don’t want them around anymore.

With V8s dropping like flies, it makes you think: Which car company will be the one to turn off the lights?

Despite what Dodge’s CEO said, I think Dodge will probably be the last one cramming V8s into things. I can see Dodge selling Hellcats until the government forces them to cut it out. Hopefully, Dodge doesn’t go out before putting a Hellcat in a Pacifica.

What car company do you think will be the last one to ditch the V8? Do you think the V8 is even relevant anymore?

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Dubblewhopper- now in dubblevision

Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and any other high-end manufacturer. Their days are clearly numbered though.