Which Automaker Would You Vote Off The Island?

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The Car Industry Carnage is making it increasingly clear that some automakers have what it takes to weather the recession and some don't. Call it natural selection, survival of the fittest, whatever, the time has come to separate the wheat from the chaff. Let's decide who deserves to remain afloat and who should be cast adrift, who makes the team stronger and who brings it down.

Should it be Chrysler? GM? Toyota? Porsche? You decide. Which automaker would you vote off the island?

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Rob Emslie

Car maker off the island? Totally Mercury. It would allow Ford to concentrate resources to rebuild into a leaner, meaner, toyota-beaner. Without the Mercury albatross hanging around Ford's neck, they could focus on the Focus, make the Fiesta a real party wagon and fuse owners to the Fusion.

So Mercury, buh-bye.

Car maker I'd definitely KEEP on the island?