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Motorsports are the heart and soul of the auto industry. Besides the obvious PR benefits of kicking ass in racing, it's where new technologies are developed and tested before they often make it to our street cars. Clearly, though, some folks are better at it than others.


That's our question of the day: Which automaker has the greatest history of racing?

Aside from the obvious, immediate answers, I like to think Toyota has a pretty great one. Over the decades they've run in just about every form of racing there is, including the WRC, F1, Le Mans, NASCAR and many more. Sometimes these attempts didn't end so well, but who dares, wins, as they say.


Your turn: Who does racing the best? And by the way, you can define "greatest" any way you want, including number of races entered, series competed in, overall wins, craziest cars, and so on.

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