Where Would You Ride Honda's Adventure Scooter?

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Honda has always liked to be first, from the first modern superbike in the VFR750R to the first dual-clutch gearbox used in an adventure bike — the upcoming Africa Twin. Who knows, maybe even the Honda NM4 will be the first of a new segment. Think off-road scootering will become a thing?

There are a few things that are clear from this picture. 1.) This is just a concept drawing. 2.) This is not intended for the U.S. audience, but rather for Honda’s Asian markets. 3.) This thing, while not cool, would be fun. 4.) Seriously.

What isn’t obvious, but is likely, is that the scoot will be powered by the air-cooled motor from the Vision 110, and that it will borrow the front end and brakes from from something like the Grom - just with knobby tires.


It’s actually surprising that more bikes like this don’t exist, given the road conditions in places where small scooters run rampant.

So, my question stands - where would you ride this thing? Gold stars handed out for creativity.

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Luc - The Acadian Oppo

There is a bike quite similar to this in the Philippines. The Honda XRM125 Underbone motorcycle. 125cc, 4spd(no clutch) with knobby-ish tires and increased ride height. They are actually a blast to ride just about anywhere. They are cheap too. Only about $1,300 bucks USD brand new (60,000 pesos).