Where To Watch The Dakar Rally

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Dakar has 13 cameramen, three helicopters, five TV cars, and a 250 person media crew documenting the 2014 race. Here's some key info on where to find everything they'll be recording.



For those watching in the USA, NBC Sports Network (DIRECTV Channel 220 / Dish Network Channel 159 / AT&T U-Verse Channel 1640 / Verizon FiOS Channel 590) will be showing highlights from each stage daily while the race is underway, January 5-18.


Times may vary across regions so check your local listing on your respective channel for when to tune in.

France Télévisions has the largest TV team at Dakar with a 25 people, and have already built up a solid tag page for the event. I'd bet there coverage will be the most comprehensive, and Fox Sports should be just behind them with a crew 17 strong.

The Bolivian public channel Bolivia TV will be airing live broadcasts from Dakar daily.

"Revised and enhanced programs" (not live) will be on Téléfuturo in Paraguay, Sportsnet and RDS in Canada, TVN in Poland, RTVS in Slovakia, RTP in Portugal, Italia 2 in Italy, and BNT in Bulgaria.


Social Media

Dakar's Facebook page will feature a "pic of the day" as the best submission from a spectator.


All official Twitter activity will be demarcated #dakar2014, with bivouac activity tagged #insidedakar. Submit questions to racers with the tag #askdakar and who knows, they just might see yours!

Dakar's official Twitter page promises to send daily bulletins to followers as well.



An iOS and Android mobile app called simply "Dakar 2014" provides live information on logistics and race results. It's quite pretty, so you might want to make sure you're on WiFi if you have a limited data plan.


If you have any more info on where to find live Dakar coverage, please share a comment!

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Just set up the DVR to record all Dakar programming. Thanks for posting this.