We often lament that 99% of SUVs will never go off-road. But if one is so inclined to take theirs out in the mud: where's the best place to have some dirty fun?

Off-roading, from rock-crawling to blasting over dunes to Raptor-snapping jumps, takes a different set of driving skills. It's unique in that it often places very little emphasis on outright speed for fun, and is something that many automotive enthusiasts have never experienced. Many, however, wouldn't know where to go even if they wanted to try this activity out.


One place off-road driving is legal (and even has its own small culture) is at the northern end of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Here, following proper regulations, you can drive your vehicle along the beach for whatever need-real or imagined-you are seeking to fulfill. It should be said, however, that just because you can manage your Mazda3 in the snow doesn't mean you can drive through the sand. The beach is a different beast, and presents distinctive challenges

Beach driving is fun, but it's only one type of a multitude of off-roading opportunities. Where are other good places to go off-roading with the full and expressed permission of the law?

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