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Betcha didn't know the 2006 Audi TT wasn't available in several US states because it doesn't pass new emission standards. We didn't. It wasn't until we got a tip from a reader who saw the following on the AudiUSA Web site:

How do the California Emissions Standards affect TT availability?
The 2006 Audi TT models do not meet California emission standards and cannot be sold in California or in those states that have adopted California emission standards, i.e., New York, Massachusetts, Vermont or Maine. TT models from model year 2005 and earlier may be available in these states through our Certified pre-owned program. Contact your dealer for more information.


C'mon, you didn't know either. Did you? Anyhow, we have only to wait until the 2006 Geneva motor show to see the all-new, New York and California compliant TT. [Thanks to Jeff for the tip.]

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