Where El Caminos Go To Die

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With Maximum El Camino Day beginning to draw to a close, it makes sense to answer the uestion of where these beautiful beasts go to meet their final end. No matter how useful that car's truck bed might be, at some point an El Camino owner often decides that it's no longer worth fixing the ol' Chevy. Or perhaps- in fact, more likely- parking tickets pile up like Saskatchewan snowdrifts and even a plaintive note can't ward off the Tow Truck Man. Either way, many El Caminos end up as parts donors as they await their final journey to the cold steel jaws of The Crusher. In honor of Maximum El Camino Day, I stopped by an East Bay wrecking yard over the weekend and photographed these five examples: three 70s examples and two from the 80s (and, yes, I know the one with the shell is a GMC Sprint). Make the jump for many, many more photos.


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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

I found an early pic of our old El Camino. I came home after birth in this ol' thing. And I miss is terribly