The Houston Spaceport Concept Is An Airport For The 21st Century

Airports? Please. Those are soooo 20th century. The new millennium is all about spaceports, and if they look half as cool as these concept renderings for a possible Houston Spaceport, then we'll be traveling to the stars in style.

The Houston Airport System today released new concepts for the future of the Ellington Airport, ones that include a possible spaceport. The renderings include a terminal, an aviation museum and facilities for the aerospace industries that could move nearby.


It's not just science fiction, either. The Houston Airport System started exploring plans for a possible spaceport back in 2011, and in July they secured approval from the Houston City Council to pay $718,000 to a consulting firm who will study how Ellington Airport can obtain a spaceport launch site operator’s license, the Houston Business Journal reports. Such a facility could provide for space tourism, astronaut training and commercial spaceflights.

Will a Houston Spaceport really happen someday? It's starting to sound less and less fantastical, that's for sure.


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