When We Wind Up in the Hay, It's Only Hay, Hey Hey! Bullrun Embeds a Blogger

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On our first evening on the Bullrun, Murphy was in full effect — at least as far as technology went. The power port on our iBook decided it was no longer going to do its job. So we resigned ourselves to kicking it Colt Seavers-style; watching a documentary on Wayne Newton while smoking cigarettes in our in-room jacuzzi tub at Caesar's Palace. Unfortunately, Heather Thomas and Markie Post weren't there with us to comment on the day's adventure.

The next morning, after approximately two hours of sleep, Emil Rensing, the Los Matadors car owner, hooked us up with Noah Lehman-Haupt for a quick dash in the Gotham Dream Cars Ford GT out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, with us peering at the Garmin GPS, while Noah jockeyed for position with Tove Christensen's Porsche, Richard Rawlings' 750 and the Skiny/Haller A6 Avant. The Garmin took us off the freeway early, and we finished poorly into the track. After a fairly inedible breakfast and a tour of Shelby's rather unremarkable facility, Emil tossed us into the backseat of an Audi A8L 4.2 with a couple of girls: Keri and Jennifer.


At that point, totally disoriented, we were just happy that we had a ride to Lake Havasu, having no idea that we'd hooked up with some of the cream of the Bullrun crop. The co-drivers were Keri and Jennifer Nicole. We were halfway to Havasu before we figured out that Keri was Emil's wife.

Much, much, much more to come.

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