When the Moon Hits Your Eye: Spinelli's Back

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Ciao, babies. I'm back from the old country, having spent the past weeks shaking off coffee-induced hallucinations, cavorting with various artichokes and dodging pensioners in three-wheeled flatbeds. While I was away, our special teams squad did a tremendous job steering the Jalopnikamino. Special thanks to guest editor (Reverend Rabbi) Dave Thomas, not leastwise for stepping into the line of Farago each morning (there'll be an extra something in the envelope), and writer Mike "Lunchtray Doughnuts" Austin, who continued the outflow of car-based pickups — despite his best efforts to quell it. Extra special thanks to Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne for punctuating the trip by making the company's first official announcement that Alfa Romeo's return to the USA is imminent. Whoo. Now what does this "publish" button do again?


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