When Steve Jobs gave away Porsche 944s as an employee benefit

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Before Steve Jobs turned Apple into the dominant computer company on Earth, he spent a few decades scraping by as an outsider. That was still true back when he was rewarding Apple salespeople with brand-new Porsche 944s.


The shot above shared by a Jalopnik reader shows Jobs with the company's educational sales team, a key part of Apple's battle against "Big Blue" IBM with the Mac Classic. It was likely taken in 1985, not long before Apple's board ousted Jobs and set the company on a decade-long march to mediocrity. Like Porsche, Apple needed to wander in the wilderness a bit before finding its way.

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Ash78, voting early and often

I heard a lot of their batteries died within a year and the entire car had to be shipped back to Germany.

IIRC, the 944 was one of the first cars to ever use a radio antenna integrated into the rear glass. If you couldn't get reception, a carefully placed piece of duct tape would usually solve it.

By the time you had to do the timing belt and the balance shafts, it was cheaper to just buy a whole new car and start over.

Each year 944 was only incrementally different than the last, but each was just good enough to make you feel like a moron for buying the previous one.

(OK, I'll stop with my vague love-hate commentary about all things Porsche and Apple.)