Would you care to sing along to the lyricized exploits of the greatest racing driver who has ever lived? The 1976 Italian pop song Nuvolari might just be the answer to your needs.


When not racing his Alfa Romeo P3, giving the Germans a bloody nose at the Nürburgring or taking photographs, Tazio Nuvolari—or rather, his spirit turned muse—was an inspiration for pop. The greatest hit on Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla’s 1976 album Automobili is named after the great man in the yellow sweater.

While Italian is unfortunately a language I do not speak, the undoubtedly wonderful lyrics are given a further twist toward great fun with the use of Google Translate. Witness:

Nuvolari is small in stature, Nuvolari is below normal

Nuvolari has fifty pounds of bone Nuvolari has a great body

Nuvolari’s hands are like claws,

Nuvolari was a talisman against the evils

His look is of a hawk for the children,

his muscles have muscles exceptional!

The birds lose their wings in the air as it passes Nuvolari!

When running Nuvolari frightening …

because the engine is ferocious roar while cutting the plain


“The birds lose their wings in the air as it passes Nuvolari!” Brilliant, brilliant stuff. And now it’s time to sing along!

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