When Do You Just Give Up On A Car?

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Car ownership is the dream of all romantic and rational people, but sometimes this dream turns into a nightmare. When do you just give up on a car?

For those of us who don't lease and can't or won't buy a new car every two years, we face a point where the current vehicle in our garage needs to go. This is especially true if you have limited storage space and are unable to park six or seven rusty Volvo station wagons in your backyard. How do you decide to give up on the car, to move on to another project or another daily driver? What's your breaking point?


Personally, we're fairly slow to give up a vehicle. This is both because we form emotional attachments to cars and because it takes us so long to decide what to get next. We're assuming, if you're like us, you spend an hour or two each day on Craigslist even when not looking for a new car. For us to leap to another vehilce we have to find the rare jewel. Additionally, our current car has to be costing us more to keep operational than our current rent, which is a rare occurance given the general old/beater status of what we typically drive.

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Photo Credit: Troy Paiva