When Did Luxury Travel Become All About Speed?

Personally, I've never wondered what it would be like if you could travel in a jet from Four Seasons. Equipping a jet like a fancy hotel seems redundant if you're just going to end up at a Four Seasons anyway. I must not be seeing something.

Or maybe it's because luxury travel didn't used to just be about how fast you were getting to your destination, but the whole experience of the trip. Even if it took absolutely forever.


Still, For Sweden is fond of the simpler times:

Flying around the world is so New Money


Peasants will be peasants...


Old money prefers to be pooping and puking while seeing the world?

For Sweden:

Old money has a butler to do that for them.


I don't see how a butler prevents norovirus. Care to explain?

For Sweden:

If you don't understand, you're not Old Money. Go run along to your retail financial advisor.


Old Money can probably get something better than whatever the Carnival Cruise deal of the day is. That helps.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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