When Companies Pour Money Into SUVs Because The Good Times Will Never Stop

It’s a good thing vehicle development is not on a years-long timescale and changing whole product strategies overnight is very easy to do.


If you haven’t grasped this already, that’s a look at the stock market. We are, doubtless, headed for a cliff if not hurtling at terminal velocity down the cliff face already. (Remember, most recessions are only officially declared as such long after they’ve begun.)


So again, it’s a good thing that the auto industry is killing cars and doubling down on higher and higher-cost trucks and SUVs, buoyed by cheap gas and cheaper credit.

Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

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Oh come on. Everything is wonderful,  the economy is the best, the biggest in the entire history of our country, and we just passed a massive tax cut that will pay for itself as soon as Mexico pays for the wall on our southern border (heavy sarcasm). It's not like every major economist has been losing their mind because we're voluntarily increasing our national debt during an economic boom when we should be decreased as per standard operation. Naaaaaaah