When booth babes attack

While the only fightin' action at the New York Auto Show was brief, loud and lame, two booth professionals at the Shanghai Auto Show threw down, sending one to a hospital. Even China's auto-show fights are more interesting.


Huang Ying, on the left, was preparing for her appearance in a dressing room last week when model Lan Miao Miao spilled coffee on Huang's garment. According to Huang, Lan demanded an apology and threw Huang Ying's bag on the floor; when Huang gave her a stare instead, Lan Miao Miao showed she was from the streets, throwing Huang Ying to the floor and kicking her.

Huang Ying suffered some cuts and bruises; no apologies have been issued from either side and lawyers are now involved. Somewhere in China, they're already printing "Team Huang Ying" T-shirts.

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