While the only fightin' action at the New York Auto Show was brief, loud and lame, two booth professionals at the Shanghai Auto Show threw down, sending one to a hospital. Even China's auto-show fights are more interesting.

Huang Ying, on the left, was preparing for her appearance in a dressing room last week when model Lan Miao Miao spilled coffee on Huang's garment. According to Huang, Lan demanded an apology and threw Huang Ying's bag on the floor; when Huang gave her a stare instead, Lan Miao Miao showed she was from the streets, throwing Huang Ying to the floor and kicking her.

Huang Ying suffered some cuts and bruises; no apologies have been issued from either side and lawyers are now involved. Somewhere in China, they're already printing "Team Huang Ying" T-shirts.