When A Stealth Jet Gets Diarrhea Here's What It Leaves In The Toilet

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This offensive nest of metal plates is allegedly the latest Red Bull mobile party machine. They were going for “armored moon vehicle,” how are we feeling about that?

Fired from the intergalactic command center where Red Bull press releases are written:

“Beach, bush, backyard stomp. Anywhere? With the heart and soul of a Land Rover and the body of a beast, the newest member of our fleet of event vehicles will make it happen. It looks the part too!”


I’m told a long Land Rover Defender was sacrificed to birth this abomination, which really makes me feel bad. They’re not going to be making those much longer, we can’t just go wasting them!

I also feel bad dumping on somebody else’s art, especially since I’m sure the fabricators who made this are burly bros who could kick my ass. But man. This thing is over the line.


The numerous and angular panels open up to reveal, obviously, a DJ booth for entertaining the taurine-addled partygoers who will be saying “WOO!” in close proximity to the van.


I don’t really care for it. I’ll just have to go build my own battle van with blackjack and hookers.


Images via Red Bull

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