Whatta Vue: Opel Antara Revealed

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Check out the new Saturn. Ok, so it's the Opel Antara SUV, which GM will launch later this year in Europe. But following after will surely be the US premiere of its will-be doppelg nger, the next-generation Saturn Vue. (Sister ships, the Chevrolet Captiva for Europe and Daewoo Windstorm for Asia, were revealed earlier.) The Antara's design cues come straight from the Opel Antara GTC concept, which was shown at the Frankfurt soiree last year, and the Saturn Prevue (get it?) concept, unveiled at the New York show last month. Unlike the three-door concepts, however, the production Antara is a five-door ute with seating for five and a 224 hp 3.2 V6 propelling mom and rugrats, along with "intelligent" four-wheel drive with electro-hydraulic differential. Get a good Vue. Ok, we'll stop now.

More on the Opel Antara [internal]


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