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What's Your Worst Holiday Travel Story?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ready, set, everybody cram onto the highways and airports! By the end of business today most Americans will be trying to get somewhere they’re not. If you make it through without much misery, good for you. Otherwise, get your horrendous highway adventures ready and tell us about them!

We did this a year ago and the results were amazing. Also, horrifying. So let’s do it again for 2015.


I sincerely hope you all make it to your families without much difficulty. But while you’re breaking bones shoveling snow, ruining your holiday cardigan with tire chain grease, falling asleep in traffic or spilling a $6 coffee in the baggage line, know that if your situation sucks badly enough you just might get five minutes of internet glory out of it.

Happy traveling!

Image via USFWS Mountain-Prairie. If your holiday trip brings you down Refuge Road, be advised that the bighorn sheep will lick the salt off your car.


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