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Even when gas is cheap bad things always happen at gas stations. Perhaps it's because they have surveillance cameras, but not a week goes by without a story involving a gas station and the phrase "You won't believe this video."


People get shot, immolated, robbed, drunk and, yesterday morning, arrested at the local service station. Assuming you haven't been fatally wounded while pumping premium, what's the worst thing to happen to you at a gas station?


We have a lot of stories we could go into but one particular election day sticks out in our head this morning. Having taken a job with a doomed campaign we found ourselves in rural Texas celebrating a crushing defeat with tequila. Without a car, and drunk anyways, we'd secured a ride from one of the small handful of sober individuals before the party. Unfortunately, she was a staffer for the Congressman and therefore lost both the election and her job and was pissed as hell. About halfway done a dark highway she pulled her Thunderbird into a locked Chevron station for fuel and to continue her angry cursing. I snuck off in the dark to relieve myself and get some distance from the mad staffer. As the store was closed I had to choose an abandoned corner. No problems but then, in my last pair of dry clothes, I wandered off into what looked like a path but turned out to be a ditch full of cold rainwater. I was tired, dejected, intoxicated, wet and in the midst of a verbal assault. Needless to say, I joined in the cursing.

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